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Revision facelifts or secondary facelifts are procedures done after a person has already had a facelift. Dr. Tamburrino specializes in revision facelift surgery and corrective face lift surgery. He has been at the forefront of developing procedures to best address patients who have previously undergone facelift procedures.

Patients who consult Dr. Tamburrino for revision facelift procedures have significantly different needs than the patients who have not had prior facial rejuvenation surgery. As a result, a revision or corrective facelift requires special techniques and care because of previous surgical manipulations. Dr. Tamburrino uses a customized approach that deals with the unique issues that each patient has when seeking revision facelift surgery.

There are many reasons people seek revision facelifts. The most common scenario is the person has had a successful facelift which has naturally aged over time and now it is time to repeat it to maintain your youthful appearance.

Most times well performed face lifts last over 10 years. Other times a person has had a facelift and the result was not acceptable because areas of the face were under treated. The most common problems include continued jowls or neck laxity after surgery, or drooping of the cheeks and mid facial area after a face lift. Procedures that do not last as long as anticipated are also a very common reason a person will inquire about a secondary facelift procedure.

Patients who are overdone with a tight or stretched appearance tend to be dissatisfied and also seek corrective facelift revision procedures. Any facelift technique that places excessive tightness on the skin can produce scarring and distortions around the ears (pixie ear deformity)or hair line problems (loss of sideburns).